Kootenai Great Danes
Our Great Danes Bring Lots of Smiles & Big Piles

Kootenai River


Our great danes are a big part of our life.
We live on a six acre ranch in the northern part of Montana.  Our dogs, kids, and various other critters have the run of the place as well as the house.  I have been involved in animal rescue for several years and worked at a veterinary hospital for eight years.  I have always been impressed with the temperament of the great dane, they are absolutely wonderful around the kids and they make great companions.  My dogs are raised with my children, the youngest being 5 months.  We also have horses,  cats, and some pet turkeys, as well as a bunch of wild turkeys that hang around, deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, and an occasional moose.  I feel much better about our walks in the wilderness having the dogs with me! They go with us horseback riding, hiking, and to many events, they even have their own packs!  All of my dogs live inside our home as part of our family and that is the only kind of home I will let my puppies or rescues go to.  These are not outside dogs.  Not to say they don't love playing outside, but the majority of the time they would rather be curled up on a nice bed inside, preferrably on or next to one of us.  All of our Danes are registered with the AKC and that is the only registry I want their puppies to be registered with. I do not post their papers or pedigrees online but would be happy to send them in an email or show them to you if you are picking up your puppy, just ask.